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What do CIS immigrants do? How to start a business?

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Many people who come to America dream of starting a business. What is the most typical US business?

1. Truck driver. If a person has driving experience, then pass on the right in the US is easy. Many start as simple truckers, and therefore open their own truck services. Goods are constantly transported back and forth, so every year the number of trucks in the country only grows. At the moment, this business is booming, although it is difficult, but many immigrants are happy to start working in this industry.

2. The property. Real estate deal with those who have initial capital. American real estate is constantly growing in price. Purchase and lease property great kind of earnings. Immigrants start by picking up a house that needs repairs and repairing it, or buying a plot and building a new house on it. Then the house is rented or resold.

3. Services sector. Many Russian speakers make haircuts, manicures and pedicures, increase eyelashes, etc.

Any business will be profitable if they do it competently. In the US, there is no shortage of a product (service). There are many different offers. We can say that it does not matter what kind of business you start, much more important is how you will promote it.

If we talk about American trends in small business, we can distinguish the following directions:

  • Fresh Eating a healthy diet. Anyone can mix different ingredients to your taste and get an individual dish.
  • Vape shops, vape clubs. These are places where you can buy a device for soaring or an electronic cigarette, a liquid for soaring, etc.
  • Food Truck. This is a kitchen on wheels. This is done by the Chinese, and Mexicans, and Hindus, and Russian. The kitchen can be any, the main thing is that the food was tasty, it was cheap and orders were issued quickly.

How to start a business? There are some simple but effective steps.

1. Any business starts with an idea. To test this idea, you need to create a company. Write a business plan. The key to a successful small business is simplicity and low price. A business plan should answer such questions: define the vision (what should be the business, when it becomes successful, what is the purpose of your business), define the mission of the company (why do you create such a company), define goals (set goals that will lead to you to success), describe the strategy for achieving the goals (how do you plan to achieve your goals). You can try to use a ready-made template for a business plan.

2. Determine your budget. Try to be minimal in cost. Be realistic in assessing how much you can spend on a business and how much is really needed. Consider unforeseen costs.

3. Choosing a legal entity. You need to make a decision about which legal entity to register. It is necessary to determine the organizational and legal form. Organizing and registering a company will take some time and money.

4. Create a company website. No matter what your business will be, the site is definitely needed. You can create a website yourself or contact a specialist.

5. Trial sales. Try selling your product or service. Try to sell at the lowest possible cost and as efficiently as possible. Do not try to sell your products to relatives, you will not receive an adequate answer about the quality and cost of their products. When you sell something, think about what you need and what the client wants, and not about your interests and profits.

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