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The four largest banks in the United States

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Banks throughout America have a lot, more than 7,000 commercial banks, throughout the United States. Of course, it will be difficult to list all the banks, because there are a lot of them, but we will look at the four largest and most reliable banks in the US that you can trust and do not fear for their money.

1. Bank & laquo; JPMorgan Chase & raquo ; the assets of this bank for 2015 are $ 2.352 trillion; the bank was founded in 2000; the headquarters of the bank is in New York, Manhattan. There is a subsidiary company named J.P. Morgan & amp; Co.

2. Bank “Bank of America & raquo ;, the assets of this bank for 2015, amounted to $ 2.144 trillion, the bank was founded in 1928. Bank headquarters are located in Charlotte, NC. There is a Merrill Lynch subsidiary.

3. Bank “Citibank”, the assets of this bank for 2015, is $ 2,113 trillion, the bank was founded in 1812. This bank operates in more than one hundred countries around the world, in Russia and CIS countries, it is JSC KB Ā«CitibankĀ» & raquo ;. There are two subsidiaries of CitiFX Pro and & nbsp; Vidacos Nominees.

4. Bank “Wells Fargo”, the assets of this bank for 2015, is $ 1.79 trillion, the bank was founded in 1852. The headquarters are located in California, San Francisco. There is a subsidiary of Wachovia Corp.

These banks are considered to be the largest in the United States, as well as the data banks have the largest assets and are among the first four in the list. These companies are also the most expensive, and they employ the largest number of employees. Of course, for many, the data is not an indicator, so each bank, we will disassemble separately to look for the pros and cons, so that if you arrive in America, make the right choice and open an account in the bank, which you will know the whole story. Consider what documents are needed, how long does an account open in banks, what are the percentages and much more that worries the immigrants most, because this is another country where its laws and rules.

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