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Should I go to the USA to start my small business?

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Small business known one of the pillars of the economies of developed countries. In the United States, for example, its share in economic growth reaches half. Russia is still very far from such numbers, so many travelers who decide to settle in a country often choose the United States as an excellent platform to start their own business.

According to statistics, every third family is busy in small business. from the US population, and most of the credit is not required to open a case. It is customary to develop their business on their own savings, help from relatives or on income from the second place of employment, then to increase the investment. So try to choose a type of business that is not costly to start with or accumulate savings, not a fact that the emigrants who have recently settled in the country will be given a loan on the most favorable terms. The most famous and successful companies here began with a home office and one or two employees from family members.

Special organization The Small Business Administration is engaged in supporting promising small businesses that hold the US economy. So first try to get advice, maybe take courses or break through the benefits or loans with the help of AMB.

In the US, franchise work is extremely popular, you can open a shop, restaurant under its well-known brand, anything. And it is not surprising that the purchase of a franchise from the same McDonald’s for opening its own restaurant costs only 100 thousand dollars here, in Russia it is from five hundred thousand.

In the US, the franchise is much more affordable | in the United States, it is easier for a founding woman to “break through”, the number of women leaders here exceeds 9 million. In addition, the opening of private kindergartens, creative centers here are put on stream. The wealth of the average person makes it easy to send children to such gardens to provide a clientele and a good income for former teachers and educators. Top be able to find contact with children and provide space.

If you decide to support the Russian economy, then you should take note of the most profitable and rapidly developing areas of small business. This is a construction and repair business, software, wholesale trade and wholesale of various types of special equipment, transportation, architectural, landscape, design services. This is an international rating, fair for both Russia and the United States, with the only amendment that projects with the sale of ready-made food and its delivery are easier to start in the United States.

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