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How to open an account in an American bank ?

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In the United States, almost all payments are made through bank transfer, so if you live in a state, you can not do without an account at the American bank

The most popular banks where immigrants open accounts – Citigroup, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase. Of course, there are many other banks, but there are fewer branches and ATMs, so cooperation with them is not so convenient.

Of course, each bank pursues a policy of working with its clients in its own way. But there are some general requirements and conditions. For example, in order to open an account, a person must come to the office with documents that will certify the identity. Take with you a foreign passport with an American visa. Sometimes a bank may require a document confirming your American address. You can take with you a rental agreement or any other contract with utilities or an Internet company, will also suit electricity bills, etc., letters in your name that came to the indicated address.

Often in the bank you will open several bills right now Calculated, where will come and where will be withdrawn money and accumulative, where it is possible to put money to drip percentage. The funds can be transferred from the account to the account, but it can be made free of charge for a limited number of times per month. For a savings account plastic card is not made, therefore it is considered more reliable and safer.

Very convenient immediately connect online banking to have access and work with accounts at any time convenient for you.

Credit rating is needed not only for banks, but also for renting housing.

Of course, immigrants on the first pairs of credit history and credit rating there is no. Therefore, banks are in no hurry to give such a person a loan. There is a special credit card. It is, in fact, the same as the usual credit card. The point is that initially you put your money in the account and only they will be available to you. If you fill in the limit all the year, you will prove your gravity and you will be given a regular credit card. From now on, you will be able to spend more than your money, and the funds of the bank. This procedure is needed in order to start your credit history and your credit rating has started to grow.

In America, checks are often issued. At the bank when opening an account, you can make a checkbook. All checks will contain your personal information, so they will arrive by mail after a while. Checks still continue to be used, but it is still more convenient to pay online.

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