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Credit Cards in the USA. Evil or convenient financial tool?

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Whoever would not speak, but the most urgent and important thing in our life money Historically, the attitude of Russian-speaking side of the planet to loans, loans, credit cards and mortgages is very negative. Even if people settle in debt, they try to pay everything as soon as possible. Those who have loans are considered not very prosperous people.

In the USA, the matter is quite different. Almost every American has a credit card, and not even one, but a few. One pays for gasoline, the second one is given at the ticket office in a supermarket, the third pays large purchases.

Different banks will have different conditions and even in one bank different credit cards conditions will differ. With the help of some cards you can raise your credit rating to the desired level, the second one is advantageous to use for small purchases, etc. You need not get too lazy and figure out what gives you this or that card.

In America, there was always a huge amount of small local banks. To date, banks have become less, their thousands and they are constantly competing for customers, trying to provide the most loyal conditions and profitable credit programs. Each bank provides its own bonuses for the use of their credit cards, and the Americans try not to miss a single opportunity.

Having a credit card, you have to pay: the average annual interest rate (interest will not be charged if the loan is repaid on time), annual collection (the amount that is paid for using the card but not all cards), transfer fee (percentage of money transfer), transaction fee (interest on purchase), additional charges.

Credit cards provide very good protection for those who use them. A person can always challenge the transaction and the money will be returned to his account. All payments are secured and if you encounter fraudsters, you can at any time return the money.

Also, using credit cards you can earn money. The cards have cash back and rewards (bonuses and rewards). For example, when a person only receives a card, he needs to spend $ 500 within three months, then he gets bonuses of $ 150, there is an option to spend $ 4,000. and get $ 500 for it.

The credit card can be easily ordered on the bank’s website and in a few days it will be sent to you by mail. To pay off debt is possible by different methods, sometimes another credit card is used for this purpose. There are maps that you need to use regularly, otherwise bonuses will not be charged, and some can be forgotten for a long time and this will not affect the bonuses in any way.

Credit Card in the USA It is a profitable, convenient and safe tool for doing business. It is important to choose a bank with the most suitable conditions for you and use credit cards competently without buying more than you can pay. Choose such credit card offers where you can pay less, but receive more different bonuses and cash back.

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