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3 interesting business ideas from the US

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Everyone knows that entrepreneurship among Americans is in the blood, it is transmitted from mother’s milk. And very often, even at a very early age, this gene wakes up in American children. There are such instances that start their business at the age of three.

Americans make a business out of everything that comes to hand, if, of course, it brings profit. But whoever starts a new business, you need to work hard and hard, be able to take risks, be responsible and decisive. And only in this case success will come to man. Almost always, aspiring entrepreneurs choose for themselves the kind of activity that they personally like. It is unlikely that the business will be successful if you don’t like it.

Perhaps not all ideas of American business will be relevant in our country, due to differences in mentality, but still some of them have the right to existence with us.

Car wash with self-service.

At first glance, the idea is not new, but in the US, this kind of occupation is very popular. The plan is such that a special place is provided, equipped with detergents and accessories. The client, wanting to save money, as a regular car wash costs much more, drives up to such a place and starts to wash its car by itself. Firstly, he saves his money, and secondly, he will wash his car in the way he wants. To open such a business you will need a small amount of money and only a couple of hired cashiers who will work in shifts. The main thing to buy wetsuits for customers and detergents.

Restaurant unique orders.

The point is that when you come to such an institution, you are not served a menu, but take an order for your own recipe. This does not mean that you come with your cookbook or grandmother’s notebook with notes, this means that the client is asked about his eating habits and on the basis of this they prepare a delicious dish. Customers around the world appreciate high-quality service and an individual approach, thanks to which this type of restaurant can be opened in any country. In the US, a network of such restaurants exists in several cities and is a huge success, and the founder Parind Vora is not going to stop there.

Food sales in traffic jams.

How many times in the traffic jam did you scold yourself that you did not have time to go to the store and buy some snacks. And enterprising Americans were able to put together a fortune. As people in traffic jams these are potential customers who, by the way, will not run away from you anywhere. And the smell of food from your basket will definitely make them buy something. You can offer everything from coffee and tea to salads and soups. The main thing is to buy a special box so that the products remain fresh, such as salad, or warm – if you sell soup.

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